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Changle City, Fujian Province Tianyang Weaving Co., Ltd.      Min ICP05013008號-1       Powered by www.300.cn


About us
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Fujian Chnagle Tianyang Knitting Co.,Ltd.is a private shareholding company that was founded in 1986.Enjoying convenient transportation, the Company is headquartered in Zhangxing Industrial Zone in Zhanggang Town of Changle,next to China Jinfeng Textile Town.Equipped with advanced facilities and excellent enchnology,it is a powerful textile company with a long history that focuses on research and development, manufacture and marketing at the same time.With a floor area of 32.768 m2 and a construction area of 33,268 m2,the company has fixed assets of more than 100 million Yuan and an output value of 150 million Yuan.In February 2010,the company set up Changle Tianhang Textile Company in Warp Knitting Park of Airport Industrial Zone,which is also located in Zhanggang Town,Changle City.The knitting company has introduced a large number of advanced multi-bar warp knitting machines and our main products are garment material and lace fabric,etc.. At present, the company has 200 stuff members,including more than 30 technical controllers,professional engineers and R&D personnel.Certified by ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems in 2006,the company has introduced more than 40 advanced high-speed warp knitting machines and more than 10 production lines of numberical-control warping machines, all of which are manufactured by KARL MAYER in Germany.Carefully choosing high quality polyamide yarns,polyester silk and spandex yarns as the raw material,the company mainly produces top grade screen cloth of terylene,chinlon and spandex,stabilized yarns,diamond screen cloth, transparent screen cloth,American screen cloth,different kinds of elastic screen cloth,jacquard voile,garment material and lace fabric,etc.,and also provides industrial material of embroidery,decoration,garment,wedding veil and bra,etc.. With "people orientation,mutual promotion,focusing on quality and striving for honesty"as our mission,the company has been innovating and developing the technology during the past 20 years,and has been very popular among the clients due to its great variety of products that are excellent,stable and novel and its reasonable price.Now we have a ready market for our products both at home and abroad,and also forms a strong distribution network in Jiangsu,Zhejiang,Shanghai,Pearl River Delta,Chaozhou-Shantou Region,HongKong and Taiwan.